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Rules and Regulations of the Competition


  1. All entrants must be of amateur status and in order to progress beyond the Centre Rounds, be able to provide evidence of their current official handicap. Audi reserves the right to verify golfers' handicaps with their respective clubs.
  2. The maximum handicap allowed for men is 28 and 36 for ladies.
  3. Employees of Volkswagen Group, their relatives, their agencies, their Centres and individuals directly associated with competitive franchises are not eligible to enter the competition.
  4. Only Audi drivers will be able to progress through the competition. Non-Audi drivers are able to participate at Centre Round level, however, will not be able to progress beyond this. If a participant changes their car during the tournament and becomes a non-Audi driver, Audi reserves the right to allocate the place to another Audi driver.
  5. Entry is via an official Audi invitational competition with participating Audi Centres only. Entrants must reside in the UK or the Channel Islands, be over 18 years of age and hold a UK driving licence.
  6. All Centre Rounds must be played over 18 holes and are individual Stableford competitions.
  7. In the event of a tie in any of the UK rounds, the player with the best score on the last nine holes as shown on the card will be declared the winner. In the event of a further tie, the last six and then the last three holes will apply. In the event of an identical score throughout the whole round, the places will be decided by gross scores.
  8. The numbers qualifying from the Centre Rounds will depend on total numbers playing.
  9. The Regional Finals will be played over 18 holes as a pair's competition using the Betterball format. The UK Final will be played over 18 holes as a pair's competition using the Greensomes format. The World Final will be played over 36 holes as a pair's competition using the Greensomes format.
  10. The Audi Events Team will notify qualifiers of their allocated Regional Final. Every effort will be made to ensure players qualify for their nearest Regional Final, however this cannot be guaranteed.
  11. Regional Finalists will be responsible for their own travelling expenses to and from the round venue.
  12. Audi UK will provide all UK Finalists with a vehicle for the week, which will be delivered with a full tank of fuel. All other travelling expenses are to be paid for by the UK Finalist.
  13. The winners from the UK Final will be the two pairs with the highest Greensomes points.
  14. Participants who have already taken part in an Audi quattro Cup World Final can only participate again in the 3rd year after the next World Final, even if playing with a different partner.
  15. If a Centre Round qualifier is unable to participate in their Regional Final, the runner up golfer from that Centre Round will take their place.  In the event of one team member from a Regional Final being unable to attend the UK Final, the reserve team from the appropriate Regional Final will qualify - once a player has been substituted he/she may not be re-instated.
  16. Caddies will not be permitted at Regional Finals or the UK Final.
  17. Electric buggies at Regional and UK Final level will only be permitted upon evidence of a valid medical certificate.
  18. All general rules, as published by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews will apply as interpreted by the Event Manager.
  19. Approved by the R&A (Ruling body of Golf) for the payment of expenses – Rule 4-2g RA/12/2019.
  20. In all matches, the tournament referee’s decision is final.
  21. In the event of inclement weather conditions or at the discretion of the tournament referee, prizes may be awarded on scores recorded at the lowest number of holes completed at the time of stoppage.